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It’s inarguable that the bathroom has become one of the homes most popular rooms. In the past, most homes were equipped with only one toilet, and now it is not unusual to find two or more toilets in today's homes. Bathroom additions are now being rated as one of the most cost-effective and comfort-enhancing home improvements, especially to one bathroom homes.
There once was a time when the bathroom was intended for quick and simple convenience factors. Over the years, the bathroom has evolved into a room for not only convenience but also for homeowners to handle routine grooming and express their decorating flair. As far as fixtures are concerned, the tub, toilet and sink are still standard for most bathrooms, but today's bathrooms are also featuring larger, more lavishing tubs, extra-large stand-alone showers, double sinks and fashionable toilets.
The toilet is the most popular of bathroom fixtures, probably because it ties all the other elements together. Toilets come in an array of shapes, sizes and styles.